Our Mission:

God's people working in partnership to develop spiritual growth and create independence for all Liberian generations. Expressing the love of Christ through feeding, healing, and educating Liberia’s future leaders.

We Believe...

    • Every child deserves to grow up with enough to eat, education, medicine, and love...
    • Local problems have local solutions
    • Every person has value
    • Empowering with tools is better than a handout

The team that was picked last...

Andy went to Liberia for the first time in 1998 as a last-minute replacement at a pastors training conference. Andy had been to Bible School, but was not a pastor. In attendance at the conference was Daniel Mellish, Pastor of First AG Church in Buchanan. Daniel was the only AG Pastor in attendance at the conference.

When it came time for the Liberian Pastors and the American Delegates to team up for ministry, Daniel and Andy were the last two to be picked and were teamed up by default. Their friendship has grown and turned into a blessing for the people of Liberia and the United States ever since. We know that this pairing was no accident. God chose this dynamic team to work for His glory.

150 Kids On A Porch

During a trip to Liberia, Andy witnessed a child selling themselves for a bite of food. This so disturbed Andy that he started the BESTWA Feeding Program just three months later. 

Two Little Girls...

April 15, 2008 my beautiful granddaughter Zoey was born at home in Texas with the help of a certified professional midwife. Thrilled, I called our Liberian directors, Daniel and Victoria Mellish, with the news. They literally danced for joy. 

Just 3 days later Daniel and Victoria called me. Their own granddaughter, Samelria, was born at home in Liberia. They had money to hire a midwife or nurse but could not find one at any price. Labor and delivery seemed to go well. Victoria tried repeatedly to clear the tiny infant’s airway, but little Samelria died in her devastated grandmother’s arms. They had rejoiced with me, now I cried with them. 

In memory of baby Samelria we started the Samelria Dennis Birthing Clinic in August, 2008 to train midwives who can address the staggering need in Liberia.