Welcome to the BESTWA Big Love Experience!

Thank you for meeting the matching goal!

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What is it?  This year, instead of our usual sit down Benefit Dinner, we are hosting an online event so everyone can safely join us.


Will I be able to give at the event?  You can give during the event, or right now at www.bestwa.org/give


How long will it take?  The Big Love Experience launch here on this page at 1pm (CT) April 24th, but you can watch the replay any time after that or even share with your friends.  It is 21 minutes long.


What if I'm not free for the virtual event, but I want to give?  If you cannot the virtual event, but would like to change things for children in Liberia, you can easily give /give by clicking the button!


Does it cost money to attend?  NO, it is TOTALLY FREE to attend.


Can children attend?  ABSOLUTELY!  We will present a positive, loving experience that will tell the truth about the lives of those we serve on your behalf  without using frightening images of the poverty they experience.  We believe in honoring the dignity of the children in Liberia, and the hearts of YOUR children.

If you have any other questions, please email candi@bestwa.org