The Pregnancy Support Network

Babies with mothers do better than babies whose mothers die. In partnership with local health workers and international experts, we are continually working to find the most effective ways to keep mothers and babies from being separated by death. You can help prevent orphanhood by providing:

  • Clean Birth Kits: Developed by the World Health Organization, this five-item zip loc bag includes the essential items for giving birth, and prevents 50% of the infections that kill mothers and babies. Provide 10 birth kits for $50, or provide 100 clean birth kits for $500. *
  • Infrastructure: In cooperation with local health workers and mission organizations, we provide supplies, and repairs to overtaxed Liberian medical facilities that care for pregnant women and babies. Support local medical facilities on the front lines of the battle to save lives. 
  • Emergency Intervention:  Because of your generosity, we provide financial assistance in cases where mothers and babies lives are in danger because they cannot pay for treatment.  Since 2020, you have provided care for 96 mothers.  Keep mothers and babies from being separated by death.

*If you live in North Texas and would like to organize a clean birth kit assembly event, email

Mothers You Are Helping

Nurse Sam often contacts us, sometimes in the dead of night, with a request to help a pregnant mother in distress.  It can be something as simple a paying for a birth at the hospital for someone with no money, or an emergency c-section for someone who cannot safely deliver.  Because of your generosity, BESTWA has never had to turn down a request for medical treatment for a pregnant mother.

  • Julie

    Julie is a 24 year old with a pelvic deformity.  She needed an emergency C-section, but did not have the $200 to pay for one.  You intervened.  Julie and her baby are safely alive because of you.  Thank you!

  • Ceceilia

    Cecelia is a 35 year old who experienced stillbirth in a past pregnancy.  She was filled with joy to be pregnant again, but her labor quickly became dangerous and she and her baby needed a C-section.  She and her family did not have the money for one.  You intervened, and Ceceila welcomed a precious son a short time later.  This is a sweet triumph after her previous loss.  Thank you.